Oliasoft WellDesign (OWD) Product Update: Implementing Customer Needs and turning them into Product Features

December 20, 2021

At Oliasoft, the users contribute to developing the application

The key to successful and efficient software development lies in close collaboration between the product team, developers, and customer success managers harnessing our users’ feedback and enabling the efficient transfer of customer needs into implemented features and applications. Oliasoft WellDesign (OWD) is a complete software with the required features from customers fulfilled. In addition, Oliasoft pushes product development with new features and extended functionality:

  • GUI upgrades such as BHA visualizations
  • Trajectory design includes "Driller's target" functionality and travelling cylinder plots
  • Automatic template and relief well wizards in trajectory design
  • Gas lift capabilities in temperature simulations and casing loads
  • Fracking operations in temperature simulator
  • Drilling mechanics integration with temperature simulator
  • Kill simulator developed together with Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
  • Fluid file in blowout simulator to specify blowing fluid composition
  • Design report functions from the whole application
  • Annular fluid expansion (AFE) simulations

Curiosity, skill and dedication are core traits of the Oliasoft team and important drivers to moving ahead and improve every single day. Oliasoft teams (product, development and customer success) organize and cooperate by following the principles of agile and scrum teams. A Scrum Team is a collection of individuals working together to deliver the required product increments. The Scrum framework encourages a high level of communication among team members, so that the team can follow the same rules and to reach a common goal.

Oliasoft and our Customer Success Team appreciate feedback from our WellDesign users and try to gather this possible by sending out evaluation forms, arranging follow-up calls and meetings as well as motivating users to report issues and wishes for fixes or increased functionality. We have recently implemented a live chat function within the app itself, so that users can get assistance or report any issues seamlessly and easily. We also continuously expand our user guides and how-to's

The Oliasoft development efforts scorecard for the last six months: